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Not inferior to real life type films, animated films are also able to make the audience feel at home watching the entire plot without getting sleepy. Apart from the visual effects that are felt to be more imaginative than real life, the audience is often amazed by the many messages contained in the film’s story.

One of the many animated films that has aired, Coco, which was released in 2017, is an animated film that tells a different story from stories in animated films in general. Coco’s film tells about two worlds; namely the world of life and the world of death slot gacor which merged into one due to the actions of a boy from Mexico named Miguel. How could all these things happen? Let’s follow the adventure!


Miguel is a boy who lives in Santa Cecilia, Mexico, along with his big family who is super strict about music. They have reasons why they don’t like music, but this is a big question for Miguel, because when his family members don’t like it by avoiding music and its musical instruments, Miguel is even curious and wants to try until he dreams of becoming a great musician.

Secretly, he idolizes a legendary musician named Ernesto De La Cruz who is super famous in his country. He knows music and even learned an instrument thanks to Ernesto’s old films. Ernesto himself had died before Miguel was born, even so that did not dampen Miguel’s pride in getting to know the musician.

Miguel’s family, known as Cecilia’s famous shoe maker, was furious when they found out that Miguel liked and even played music in Cecilia’s town square which is not far from his house. Miguel is really sad.

Until once, Miguel accidentally damaged a photo of his grandmother, Mama situs judi baccarat Cocó (Ana Ofelia Murguía), with her mother, Mama Imelda, on a photo shelf of deceased families at the Día de Los Muertos event; a celebration of life and death.

Miguel was really surprised when he saw that the photo was folded and the rest of the picture is a man carrying a guitar that looks very much like Ernesto’s guitar. But Miguel doubted whether it was true, his grandmother was Ernesto’s daughter or not because part of the man’s head had been torn off so that his face could not be seen.

Miguel’s great curiosity made him do something unexpected. In order to confirm that the guitar that his great-grandfather and Ernesto had was the same guitar, Miguel broke into Ernesto’s grave and took his guitar.

But as soon as Miguel strums the guitar strings, he becomes invisible, aka disappears to everyone who is still alive. Instead, he can see and be seen by spirits that are described as bones.

Miguel’s family, which consists of Grandpa Julio (Alfonso Arau), Aunt Tia Rosita (Selene Luna), Aunt Tia Victoria (Dyana Ortelli), Uncle Tios Oscar and Felipe (Herbert Sigüenza) to Mama Imelda (Alanna Ubach) are no less surprised to see their nephew, their grandchildren who are still alive are trapped in their world, namely the world of the dead. Everyone immediately took Miguel to the portal of the dead world so they could find a way out of how Miguel returned to the world.

After negotiating with the authorities in the world of the dead, the only way Miguel can return is to give Miguel his blessing while taking the leaf used as a bridge to cross to the living world by Miguel’s deceased family.

Mama Imelda was appointed as the person most entitled to give her blessing because because of Miguel’s act of bringing a photo of Mama Coco, Mama Imelda and the man she thought was her grandfather, Mama Imelda couldn’t cross into the living world.

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